Living on Food Storage: The taste test continued with cereals.... and how I longer term store them in mylar

Living on 100% food storage:   Last grocery trip was November 2023 and today is January 26, 2024.


As mentioned previously, we aren't a cereal-for-breakfast kind of family and honestly, until we started to only use food storage 100%, we were pretty much a zero sugar family so although I was stocking a few fun cereals, they weren't getting rotated out with fresh product.   I actually picked these up (in the photos) for when we had family visiting and thought we'd put them out for breakfast options but it ends up no one in our extended family seems to be big cereal eaters.  Because they were in the 2-3 year storage pantry, and 'life' kept me busy, they didn't get rotated, and I  basically ignored them until 'someday' when I'd have time to package them for longer term.

And that would be yesterday/today.

If you missed the first cereal taste test (one winner, one loser) it is the post just preceding this one.   Out of these cereal options above (one with a 2021 best by date and the other two with 2022 best by dates) they were... ALL WINNERS. 

Yes, they were all fresh and tasted great with good textures.

So it was time to longer-term store them.  I do this with mylar and an oxygen absorber.

Food quality mylar bags
An oxygen absorber
An old hair straightener to seal the bags



Since it would be rare for us to want cereal for breakfast, I sealed them all back up (I kept one from yesterday in the cupboard though for all of us to use this week/next week) and they are all back into the 2-3 year storage pantry.  Breakfast cereal or tasty dry snack... I'm good to go. 









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