Refilling Nespresso pods

Just a quick filler post while I sip coffee... and was thinking about it.

My favorite coffee right now is the Vertuo Nespresso. 

I tried the 'foil' lids you use when you refill a Nespresso pod with your own coffee - I like them!

  • I empty the collection basket from the back of the machine, and cut off the foil top.
  • After washing, let them dry completely.
  • Using foils that had been purchased as well, I refill each of the pods and apply the foil top make them 'new' again.
  • The coffee brewed this way tastes much better than refilled k-cup pods!

Doing this, I can use up the ground coffee and the coffee beans I have in the pantry. I will be able to do this until my package of foils are gone.  At that point I'd have to decide whether to invest in more foils (about $10 I think?) - I really don't want to spend any money though.  






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