100% Food Storage: Jalapeno and Cheese Smothered Pork Chops

Last grocery trip was November, 2023.  Today is March 5, 2024.


I'm ever-thankful for the stocked freezers we've had.  The pork is getting low, but we haven't had to resort to the freeze-dried pork yet and I still have some home-cut pork chops. 

One of our regular favorite recipes (posted a few times already) is the pork chops, marinated in salsa, grilled and topped with a mixture of cheese(s), crumbled bacon and jalapeno.  So, so good... and this was a quicker, easier, oven version similar to that.

Pork Chops
Cheese of choice (I used queso fresco as I'm hoarding the very last of our cream cheese and I was out of shredded cheddar without going to the long term storage area and looking for the freeze dried cheddar.  I will ... but not today.)
Jalapeno slices from a jar we still have in the fridge
Bacon (was going to use crumbles but they are in the deep freezer, with some heavy things on top today)
Spices - salt and pepper and a chipotle mixture (use what you wish)

Laid a strip of bacon down, topped with a pork chop, layer of cheese, a sprinkle of your spices, top with jalapeno slices and lay a slice of bacon across it all.  Bake at 375 or 400 until it's crispy and golden brown.  Flip them over carefully as the bacon strip on the bottom for moisture and non-stick needs to be crisped up.  Hit the 'broil' and let them cook a few minutes until crisp.  Remove them from the oven, flip back over and serve.

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