100% Food Storage: Shrimp and Pasta Alfredo

 100% Food Storage since November, 2023.  Today is March 10, 2024.

Although we do have full sized freeze dried shrimp in long term storage, I didn't have to break into that one yet as we still have 2 bags in the deep freezer from last... summer?  I don't recall when I bought them honestly.  But it's on my mind to use one of them up - and it would be nice to mix up the chicken/turkey/beef/pork rotations I've been doing.  

Although I don't have fresh cream and I'm hoarding (haha) the last of the cream cheese I have, I do have jars of Alfredo sauce in our 2-3 year storage so I grabbed that. 

The other night with dinner I served the last bag of mixed vegetables from the freezer - and we had leftovers, which I mentally added to this recipe as I was planning it.  Lastly would be the pasta (whatever shape happened to be in the kitchen pantry right now would be fine) and to top it off, a little bit of the smoked Gouda I have in the refrigerator that had previously been in the deep freezer, and that I vacuum food seal after every use so it stays fresh and perfect.

And that's how this dish was born.

If you are using freeze dried shrimp, pour it into a container with a tight fitting lid and cover with water, to re-hydrate at least 6-8 hours (overnight) before draining and using as you would fresh.


Into a pan of water on the stove, cook whatever amount of pasta you want.

Into a pan on the stove:

Oil/butter and shrimp with about a tablespoon fresh minced garlic or a teaspoon of powdered garlic.
Cook about 3 minutes until they are all turning pink.
Add the leftover (or pre-cooked) veggies of choice.  Broccoli is especially good in this one.
Add the Alfredo Sauce.
I added a bit of dried parsley too.
When warmed through, turn off heat.

Pour drained pasta into a serving dish.  Top with the Alfredo Sauce mixture.  Salt and Pepper to your own taste.  If desired, top with a bit of smoked Gouda, or some crumbled bacon.


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