100% Food Storage: Quesadillas


Last night was a very simple dinner as it was just me home at dinner time.  Quesadillas.
We still had a few small tortillas in the deep freezer - although they are easily made homemade later on if we need to.
I prefer to make them in a cast iron pan with butter to crisp them and make them golden brown.
The butter was canned butter (in the photo below) from 2020 or 2021 (the label is turned away and I don't want to go into the kitchen right now to look, as I'm typing this in the office).
I like onions on mine, but we obviously have no fresh onions right now so freeze dried it is!  I chose green onions, although you could use minced dried onions as well.
Lastly - the cheese. 
Not only do we keep blocks of cheese in the deep freezer, but when they are opened, I always use my vacuum food sealer to seal them tight for storage in the refrigerator.  This means our cheese lasts and doesn't get moldy or go bad!   So I had a food sealed 1/4 block of cheddar and a bit of Queso Fresco in the refrigerator which I used and then promptly resealed the rest of the cheddar again - which if we don't care to use it, will still be perfect a month or two from now (although we love cheese so it will probably be used this weekend as I cook with it all the time).
Freeze dried cheese options we have on hand are cheddar, colby and mozzarella as well.



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