June 22, 2007

A Beautiful Sound

The 'pop' 'pop' 'pop' of lids sealing... it's a beautiful sound.

Earlier this week I bought a large container of plums that we just couldn't seem to keep up with as they ripened quickly and were so juicey they were splitting their seams in the bowl. Time to make jelly!

For all the sticky sweet mess homemade jams and jellies make you would swear you never want to go through it again. But, much like childbirth, the pain is quickly forgotten. For as you get just one taste of the homemade goodness that is a true jam or jelly you swear once again that you will never... ever... buy store bought preservative laden jams and jellies ever again.

Plum Jelly

4 1/2 cups crushed plums with the pits removed
7 1/2 c sugar
1 packet (3 oz.) liquid pectin
8 jelly jars and 2 piece lids - sterilized

Run your jars and lids through the dishwasher hottest setting. Place the crushed plums and sugar in a large stock pot and bring to a boil on high, stirring. When it comes to a full boil, let hard boil for 1 full minute. Remove from heat. Strain through a wire strainer if a clear product is preferred, otherwise skip that step and add liquid pectin, stir smooth and skim any foam from the top. Ladle into hot jars. Wipe the mouths of jars with a hot wet cloth before sealing. Water bath the jars for 5 minutes. Remove and let cool at room temperature until the lids pop. Store in a cool dry place for up to 1 year.

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