Three P Salad

I found an old cookbook that my elementary school had put out years ago as a fundraiser. While flipping through it I spied a salad I don't remember seeing in there before, but as I'm not a real 'salad' person I guess I skip that chapter most of the time!

 It was strange sounding to me, so I turned the internet to look it up and see if anyone else truly made (and ate!) this salad. Well, there weren't too many entries, but I managed to track down a site that said it might have originated in the 1920's and another in the 50's. I found it was a recipe fad in 1969 which didn't surprise me, as the 50's and 60's had a lot of odd concoctions they called food (like lime jello with pickles and olives in it!). Yes, my FIL still makes that one. No. I don't partake of it.

Three P Salad

3 can of peans, drained
1 small jar sweet pickle relish
8 oz. peanuts, chopped

mayonnaise, just enough to moisten it.

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