December 29, 2008

Quick and Easy Pasta Carbonara

How about a fast and furious recipe for the quickest carbonara recipe you might ever make!? It's time for me to head to work but I wanted to update my page first. This quick and easy recipe from my files might just fill the gap and fill your stomach on a cold winter's day!

Quick and Easy Pasta Carbonara

1 package bacon, cooked crisp
1 jar alfredo sauce
1 yellow (sweet) onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, fresh minced
Olive oil
1 package tortellini

To the bacon in the pan, add the jar of alfredo sauce. In another pan, gently cook the onion in a bit of olive oil. Add the 3 cloves of garlic the last 3 minutes or so. Add the alfredo sauce and bacon to onions and garlic. Meanwhile, boil the tortellini about 4-6 minutes until al dente. Mix sauce with pasta. Some people like to add a cup of pea's to their version of pasta carbonara. Me? I just add extra bacon!Print Friendly and PDF