Did you Make Your Mini Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes?

These are a tradition in our home and my three teens all say they fully intend on carrying on the tradition to their own families as they grow up and get married. As a matter of fact we've spread this tradition far and wide as many (many!) friends from all around the country now make these for their families as well!

This Thanksgiving was a busy one for us. My new job kept me working right up until Thanksgiving Day. But the kids (and their friends!) all were reminding me constantly and asking if I'd made the cupcakes yet. Oh yes... nothing would keep me from making the cupcakes. LOL.

I thought I would share a couple of the "in progress" photos for you!

Starting out with the sugar 'cranberries' and sprinkle 'green beans'

You can see how I slice the top off some of the cupcakes' peaks
to give me a flat surface to lay the cookie 'plate'

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