Something We Can Use in our Collection: Punch

Yesterday I washed my punch bowl and glasses and packed it away for what I first thought would probably be another year before I realized I have a daughter graduating this year and more than likely will be hosting a reception of some sort for her. A simple way to serve drinks at a reception is of course, with a punch bowl and having a couple good punch recipes up your sleeve... or in your files is a must!

This is one I found on a recipe board for public use. It's probably similar to recipes we all have in our files but I liked how simplistic the ice ring instructions are and frankly, I was just too lazy to type them all out. Ha. Yes, I do always use ice rings when I use my punch bowl and yes, I also always add flowers, fruit or other additions to the ice ring to make it beautiful. I like to use fake flowers that have been washed well to remove any chemical sprays. This way when the ice ring melts the flowers typically still float on the surface or just look pretty in the last remaining inch or so of punch in the bottom of the bowl.

Just another Punch Recipe

2 cans frozen limeade concentrate
2 cans frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cans unsweetened grapefruit juice
2 cans pineapple juice

Mix and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Just before serving add:

3 quarts ginger ale
1 prepared ice ring (or a lot of ice cubes if you didn't get a ring made)
1 quart water

Ice Ring for punch bowl

Make an ice ring using at least one of the punch ingredients so that as it melts it will not dilute the punch. Use a bundt pan or an angel food cake pan for a ring or if you don't have one, just use a bowl or pan (making sure the bowl can be frozen)for a solid circle.

Mix up the fruit juice ingredients a day in advance. Pour into pan and freeze over night. You may add cherries and sliced pineapple to the ring before freezing. If you want them to float symmetrically, set a timer for 1/2 hour and rearrange fruit before it freezes to hard. (To remove ice ring from pan, set pan in warm water in your sink until it loosens or place a hot, wet towel on the backside of the pan.)Print Friendly and PDF