December 27, 2008

The Affordable Little Gift

Although I made a number of things in addition to the ones pictured above, I wanted to put a quick photo up of some of the goodies made this year for Christmas. At the holidays I like to take a moment and spread a little bit of cheer around, whether it's to the mail person, the bus driver, teachers or the neighbors. This year the holidays snuck up on me and I didn't get as many recipes made as usual (about 25 average) but I did get about 14 done, or something like that.

This year I found little red and green containers with lids at the dollar store, in addition to 4 little santa shaped containers. The smaller ones for general giving to my neighbors but the larger Santa container to that 'special' neighbor or friend.

While I can't afford a $25 gift card or anything like that for the many people on my list, I've found that cookies and goodies are an affordable and wonderful way to say "Merry Christmas! I appreciate you!" and at this busy time of year, the goodies are always welcomed!Print Friendly and PDF