December 09, 2008

Holiday Baking Needs to Begin!

I just cannot fathom how fast time is whipping by me. Do you know I normally have about 500 items made by now and this year, so far, the count is.... zero! This weekend is a big tournament at my childrens high school. Last year at this time I had so many goodies already made that I was able to bring about 6 trays of mixed goodies to sell at a large bake sale that is held. This is what made me realize just how behind I am.

When I was looking up some of my Christmas Cookie recipes in the search bar to the right of these posts I was sad to see that google indexed all of my December posts last year onto one page. This means if you want 'just' the recipe for rosettes, it brings you to the archived page for the entire month of December. That's a lot of recipes to wade through! So this has led me to decide to repost many of my favorite holiday recipes again. This is a great idea anyway because these are the actual recipes I make each and every year, and having them first and foremost on my website makes it easier for me to find them, as well as for my brand new readers.

So prepare to start your baking!Print Friendly and PDF