April Fools Day Foods!

One of the best sites I've ever found for April Fools Day foods is Family Fun. This year I've linked some of their 'classic' recipes and noticed they added one or two new ones as well.

I can personally vouch for the awesome recipes they offer. I've made almost half of these myself and they are perfect! Perfectly fun to make and perfectly fun to receive! Enjoy these innocent and yummy pranks in honor of April Fools Day 2008.

You'll WANT to eat these green beans

It only LOOKS like pizza!

Grilled cheese? It's cake!

Spilled Hot Chocolate

Tax on allowance

Fake Booger Candy wrapper

Mashed Potatoes? It's frozen yogurt!

Shhh! It's not sushi!
Fake spaghetti and meatballs

Meat and Potatoes only LOOK like chocolate pie

Pink and Blue... cupcakes? Nope.

Stir Fry? Don't Count on it!

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