Need an Easy Marinade Container?

So many things that we do during our days without any thought may be something 'new' to another person. This is one of those things!

While preparing a marinade last week for steak I got out a large gallon sized ziplock baggy and a bowl. Opening the baggy I placed it in the bowl and proceeded to add the ingredients and then picking it up out of the bowl, gave it a swish to mix and then add the meats and sealed it tight.

While doing this I remembered years ago when I first started to make marinades regularly I would often put them in a pan. Later I tried ziplock baggies but would fight with them laying on the counter and 'opening' and 'shifting' thereby spilling their contents on my countertop!

About 10 years ago I just started to set the baggy inside a bowl to 'hold it in place' while filling. I've never looked back.

So todays topic; Make a marinade! The easy way......Print Friendly and PDF