Chicken, Ranch and Bacon Wrap

This weekend I took my youngest daughter on a picnic to a nature preserve near us that has 365 acres of pure woods, ponds and prairie land. I packed a picnic lunch with Chicken, Bacon, Ranch wraps, crackers with a parmesan garlic dip, a couple Fourth of July Cookies and a couple bottled waters. The wraps were very, very good and oh so quick and simple to make with things I had on hand in the refrigerator! I've mentioned a couple times in the past that I've found so many uses for the Costco "grilled chicken strips" that I purchased. They are precooked chicken strips and I bought them because they were just as affordable as if I had grilled the chicken myself. When it's a good buy for a great tasting food, sometimes store bought is ok!

Chicken, Ranch and Bacon Wraps

1 flat bread wrap (I used a whole grain wrap, pictured above)
1/3 c grilled, or precooked chicken in strips or diced
ranch dressing
bacon - cooked and crumbled or real bacon bits by Hormel
onions (yellow, white or green - I used green, pictured above)
shredded cheddar cheese

Roll the wrap up and either enjoy immediately, or what I prefer; to wrap the entire sandwich tightly in saran wrap and chill for at least an hour (or even a day!) to let the flavors meld but also to help the wrap stay together beautifully. Great for packing for a lunch the next day!!Print Friendly and PDF