Dicing Green Onions

Sometimes when I'm preparing a food I grab the camera and take a picture 'just in case' I need to use it or want to use it for a future post. Today I noticed I had a few searches come to my site for my posts on how to chop celery and how to cut artichokes so my photo of dicing green onions might be helpful to a few people as well.

I clean my green onions well under running water and then pat them dry with a paper towel. I trim off the tips of the green where they are damaged, dry or wilted and then trim off the roots from the bottom of the bulb.

Lay the onions side by side and slice each onion lengthwise into two or three pieces, then I slice across the entire row, over and over from the bulb to the green tips. You are left with uniform sized diced green onions!

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