July 11, 2008


The latest 'make your own' lunch, snack or dinner in our household for my 12 year old is a good old fashioned quesadilla.

While we have made these for almost 20 years, we regularly took the short cut and simply microwaved them. My 12 year old and her friend started to fry them in the pan on the stove and... she was hooked. Given the chance over the past two weeks this is her preferred meal of choice.


2 flour tortillas
cheese of choice; cheddar, mozzarella, colby, habenaro, etc.
green onions
sour cream

Heat a skillet with a bit of butter/oil and lay one tortilla in the pan. Top with your cheese of choice and add onions if you prefer. You can also add diced cooked chicken or shredded cooked beef, peppers, etc. Top with a second flour tortilla. Cook as if making a grilled cheese - when the bottom is golden brown, flip carefully and quickly to the other side. Slice like a pizza into triangles. Serve with a side of salsa and sour cream.Print Friendly and PDF