July 11, 2008

Serving Whole Chicken Tonight? Save the Carcass

There is one thing that I know a lot of modern households have taken to purchasing but I never have and never will. That is... chicken broth.

There is nothing store bought that can compare to the taste of homemade broth and it's so easy! Any time we have a whole chicken for dinner I make sure to save the carcass and put it into a pan of water to simmer.

After a couple hours of a slow simmer I remove the chicken bones to throw away and I chill the broth so any fat rises to the surface and can easily be pulled right off and thrown away. The resulting chicken broth is then put into a freezer safe container and popped into the deep freeze to be brought out for gravies, soups and other yummy dishes that call for a base of chicken broth.

It's easy... and it's a way to save money on your grocery bill. Gotta love that!Print Friendly and PDF