June 13, 2009

Beer Margarita's

I've been posting many different versions of margarita's and my cucumber margarita recipe brought an old friend out from readership and into emailing me (Hi Jen!) about the terrific margarita's she had at a neighbors.

Beer margarita's have gotten really 'big' since last summer. Gaining in popularity I've heard about them and seen the recipe numerous times. This morning I did a quick internet search and sure enough, 'Rachel' recently published it which might be why everyone is talking about them. I absolutely plan to try this one this summer as my husband likes Corona's and I think that would be the perfect beer for this drink. Even though I don't care for beer I believe even I am going to like this one!

From my reader and friend Jen, to you I offer a delicious Beer Margarita!

I saw your recipe tonight for Margarita's and HAVE to share this one that my neighbor made the other night. It's simple & SO yummy!  

1 can of frozen Limeaide  
Fill the empty can of Limeaide with Tequila  
Add 1 beer Stir & enjoy. 

They are simple and unbelievably delicious :). Thought you might want to share with your readers. JenPrint Friendly and PDF