June 12, 2009

Still a Big Fan of Arnold Sandwich Thins

Last year I told my readers about Arnold Bakery's Sandwich Thins. I was asked to try them by a marketing company on the East Coast where they are sold under a different company name, but here in the Midwest their products are sold as Brownberry or Arnold Bakery. Well, we loved them at the time but little did they know that my family would soon be one of their biggest fans.

I don't always keep them on hand as a package of 8 sometimes goes as high as $4.00 but when they are on sale (as they were this week, 2 for $6) I get both the original and the whole wheat. Immediately my husband, my 18 year old daughter and my 16 year old son are thanking me and raving about them and within 1 day 5 of them are gone.

The photo above looks so simple, yet tastes so... good! A grilled chicken breast on Arnold Sandwich Thins and you have the base for an amazing lunch or dinner sandwich. I love it absolutely plain, just as pictured but sometimes I'm in the mood for it to be filled with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise. My husband likes mustard and my kids like Ranch style dressing on theirs. So simple and so good! If you haven't checked out the Sandwich Thins at your store you're missing something!Print Friendly and PDF