June 26, 2009

Product Review: Coldstone Creamery Signature Cakes

Here is their stock photo.

It's tall, it's dark and it's delicious. Maybe, perhaps, that is why it's called "Tall, Dark and Delicious" on the menu. Yes, the name of this signature cake describes it very well and it's what I bought my husband for Father's Day this year.

I admit that I'm considered abnormal by my teenager's, as I've never actually eaten at Coldstone Creamery. Oh, I've gone there. I've stood in line. I've bought ice cream for the kids. But I am not a huge fan of ice cream, sweets or chocolate so I have no problem standing in line, passing the ice cream by and not buying any. It just doesn't bother me. But a coupon in the Sunday paper before Father's Day caught the eye of my oldest daughter and before I knew it I was agreeing it was a beautiful and delicious looking cake and with $3 off, I decided the $25 would be part of his Father's Day Gift.

I must say that even for someone who does not crave or go crazy for chocolate, cake nor ice cream, it was not only good but really, really good. The price is a bit steep and the cook in me couldn't help but think (over and over again) I could have made this.... truly, could have made this myself for less! But what is life if you don't splurge every now and then? And just because you can make it, do you have to? Really?Italic I bought the large round size which ended up serving about 12 pieces by the time it was gone. Could have served more had we sliced them all thin, but some of us wanted small pieces, others like my husband and 16 year old son wanted a quarter of the cake!

I'm impressed with Coldstones's delicious ice cream and loved the moist cake and flavor. I look forward to trying more of their cakes for our family holidays. My next purchase however may be their new ice cream cup cakes! I've also got plans to recreate them in my own kitchen. I'll keep you up to date on that one!Print Friendly and PDF