June 05, 2009

In Honor of Two Birthdays This Week... Cakes for Both!

This week is a special one for family birthdays and my long time readers might remember what I was doing a year ago... preparing the cakes for a double birthday party! My FIL celebrates his 81st birthday and my Grandmother is celebrating her 82nd this week.

Today's website article is in honor of them and their special days. This year everyone's schedules didn't allow for a large gathering but I hope my readers celebrating their own family and friends birthdays might consider having some fun with fondant and trying their hand at decorating. These cakes were my second attempts to ever work with it. I found it much like persnickety play-dough but fun to create with. My Grandmother's Cake was white with a simple filling between the layers and gold and pearl glitter embellished fondant ribbons.

My Father-in-law's Cake was a feast for chocolate fiends as a triple layer chocolate with a fudge filling and glitter fondant stars cascading down to the serving platter from above.

What are you waiting for? Order those beautiful invitations, bake those cakes and celebrate!Print Friendly and PDF