June 30, 2009

How to Use a My K-Cup Keurig Single Cup System with Your Own Beans

When it comes to coffee I never thought I'd like it. I grew up in a household of coffee drinkers and hated the smell and the taste. I had no interest in it and this continued well after I was married and living in Southern California. My parents came to visit from the Midwest and brought a Mr. Coffee maker with them so they could enjoy coffee in our home. When they returned home they left it at our house and a year later when they visited again we pulled the coffee machine out only to find last years filter and grounds were still in it! It was obvious we were not coffee drinkers.

About 10 years later I found myself living in central Minnesota in what was to be one of the winters with the most snow fall on record in years. Our driveway was lined with 10 foot snow drifts and I was a full time Mom, home with three small children. I would sit at the kitchen table in the early mornings and watch the snow fall silently to the ground and decided to brew a pot of coffee to enjoy the aroma on a cold, silent morning.

By the end of that winter I was cupping a mug of fresh coffee in my hands to savor the aroma as I watched the snow fall but still hated the taste.

The next winter however made me a coffee drinker and within 4 years I was a 'morning coffee' drinker and soon after was grinding my beans, developing a picky palate and turning up my nose at 'hotel coffee' that was by then quite undrinkable, as was most pre-ground grocery store beans.

Because I should be getting dressed for work right now, I'll skip ahead to the point of todays article; My new Keurig B60 Special Edition coffee maker that I am absolutely IN LOVE with (you can click that link to find out more about it and even order one for yourself if you'd like) and the Reusable Coffee Filter that we purchased to make our coffee drinking more affordable by using our own 'k-cup' to brew with our own beans (purchased from the local coffee shop here in town). However we still invest in the little bought k-cups as well as they have awesome fun varieties and are rather affordable on Amazon when you can buy 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2) for the same cost as 1 box in a retail store.

For those of you who are not coffee lovers you can also make Hot Cocoa and tea in your Keurig coffee brewer!

Now - the point of todays article is HOW TO USE A "MY K-CUP" to make coffee using my own ground coffee beans and not have to buy the store packs.

Here is a My K-cup directly from the package. First, wash it with warm soapy water and rinse well.

Remove the black cup holder from your Keurig machine. Grasp the edges of the cup with one hand while you gently push your finger through the hole in the bottom of the machine to pop it out with a click.

Put your freshly ground beans into the small metal filter cup.

Place the metal mesh cup into the plastic holder and gently put the cap on - don't twist too tight.

Place the "My K-cup" into the holder. Press the handle back down as usual and wait for the 'Ready to Brew" sign and choose your cup size as usual.

With a hum and a few seconeds you have your freshly brewed coffee - affordable when you use your own coffee grounds (you can even use Folger's or Maxwell House pre-ground if it's what you prefer!).

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