INTRODUCTION: Living 100% on Food Storage - (2024)

My last grocery trip was made November 26th, 2023.  It was a small one by comparison (only 1/3 normal), and was for regular groceries as well as items I needed to do all my holiday baking, as well as some meals I'd want to make while family would be visiting for Christmas.  In other words, I wasn't 'stocking up' or anything special.  I didn't know I needed to. 

Today as I type this, it's January 6th.  I haven't been to the store even once since then. 

Today, as I was testing a new recipe and making a pizza pull-apart bread, I had the idea that maybe I should be documenting this on my food blog - even though I had previously pretty much decided this blog would just lay dormant and my kids, some friends and I could use it for all the go-to recipes posted since 2006. 

So, a new chapter!  One labeled "Living on 100% Food Storage!" Not how I intended to start 2024 but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Or bread.  Lots of bread.  Because you've stocked a lot of flour and wheat berries over the past 12 years... and for that, you are eternally thankful.

It's been 6 weeks living on 100% food storage so far. 

Let the posts on LOFS (living on food storage) begin.




Quick Background: I keep a well stocked pantry and freezers as a general rule.  I also do a little bit of home canning (learned to pressure can during Covid  in the Fall of 2020), and I've invested in long term food storage like freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods since my first (didn't know what I was doing) purchase of some (gag) vegetarian imitation beef, chicken and ham in 2012.  I improved my research, knowledge and purchases since then.

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