Living Off Food Storage 100% - the Auguson Farms 'Whole' Egg Powder for scrambled eggs this time


New here?  Currently living off food storage and posting thoughts, recipes, etc.  Last trip to the grocery store was November 2023.  Today is January 18, 2024.

Previously I believe I posted when I opened the 'Scrambled Egg' mix and made scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast.  They were... 'fine' I suppose.  If you are really hungry.  They were a little bit gritty or grainier looking and in texture than fresh and were a darker shade of golden yellow.  Not 'fresh egg' yellow or in taste.  I don't think it was the egg though, so much as the oil and dry milk powder that was already added to the mixture in production.  This is what makes them a scrambled egg powder instead of just 'egg' powder.  

At the time I determined I'd probably just bake with them as they will be perfect in any recipe that uses eggs with a little oil or milk, like cakes, pancakes, bread, etc. 

So the next step was to use the 'whole egg powder' next to make scrambled eggs.  It is nothing but eggs, no oil or milk already added to 'age' them prematurely. 

Mixing them up this morning they are thicker than fresh eggs (which of course you can just add a little more water than called for).  I added the sliced cheese that The Littles like, and I cooked them in the pan after I browned some homemade breakfast sausage cooked in a little bacon drippings.  This was to give the eggs a little more flavor.  I then just used a little salt and pepper as usual.

The eggs had a better texture than the 'scrambled' mix. They looked like regular fresh scrambled eggs.  But the color was still the darker golden honey yellow of egg powder.  The kids noticed the color right off and the 3 year old informed me he wasn't going to like them and didn't want to eat them.  Ha ha.  He did have 3 bites of them but my rule is if you have tried them and really don't care for something, you don't have to eat it.  So he ate a good portion of sausage and drank his milk, then had an apple with peanut butter instead.

The one year old seemed to like the sausage better than the scrambled eggs as well.  I had a few bites, my husband had a couple bites but neither of us chose to eat more than that.  They taste fine but the darker color does tell your brain they aren't 'real, fresh scrambled eggs'.  Ha ha.


But these are perfect and wonderful for cooking and again, for any pancakes, waffles, cakes, bread, rolls, anything that uses egg in the recipe these will be perfect for, just like all my regular cooking done over the years powdered whole egg.   Nothing special or different or bad or good about this brand.  Just a normal whole powdered egg.  It's... fine.

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