100% Food Storage: Chicken and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

100% Food Storage - the last grocery trip was a small, random one in November 2023.  Today is March 2, 2024. 

A simple, no cook kind of meal on an evening I really, really didn't feel like cooking.   Some simple breaded chicken, fried quickly in a pan this time (as compared to the oven, which is more typical for me) and garlic mashed potatoes.

While you can use freeze dried chicken breasts, mine are from the freezer.  I had thawed a package of chicken breasts a couple days ago and the night before last had used leftover bread to make bread crumbs, and when making that night's dinner, decided to bake the whole package of chicken breasts, and food seal them and freeze them for future meals.

Last night I grabbed a package of chicken breasts, breaded them with a bit of flour and fried them in a pan while I used food storage instant mashed potatoes, made with powered milk and real butter.  I almost used home canned butter, as I consider real butter liquid 'gold' right now, but canned butter (because it's pressure cooked for safety) has a slightly sweet taste to it.  I really wanted 'comfort' mashed potatoes so I used real butter, saving the canned butter for other things.

If you have freeze dried chicken breasts you can reconstitute them and use them in place of freezer/fresh chicken of course.  Butter powder could be used in the mashed potatoes - just mix it in with the instant potato flakes before you add the hot water.

I love mashed potatoes and like this comfort meal, and might make it again this weekend, but I really really love gravy with it... which I wasn't in the mood to make last night.  But if I make this meal again in the next few days I'll probably whip up some gravy to go with the potatoes.  Gravy is the best part - I just wasn't in the mood to cook last night and had other things to get done and my mind was otherwise preoccupied. 


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