100% Food Storage: Yuck sour cream powder so I caved and bought a container, and we have fresh greens


A family member had some extra avocados to use up and gifted us 3 of them, which we put to use last night for dinner.  We had "BLT's" but without tomatoes, since fresh vegetables are scarce when you are doing 100% food storage and it's winter time so you don't have an active garden.  Instead we had BLA's.  Bacon, lettuce and avocado.  And dare I say they are better than BLT's anyway.  Ha ha.

The greens... we had greens - fresh from a deck planter.  A family member who works at a green house bought 3 containers of lettuce for us a couple weeks ago.  We had beautiful warm weather for the last couple weeks - except for a few nights when it did get down below freezing but the lettuce (covered) survived.  It felt so amazing and good to fresh greens last night!  However it did freeze again last night and they were *not* covered, so I have to go out and check them after I am done typing this post.  I had planted lettuce and spinach seeds a few weeks ago as well and thy were all sprouting (you can see in the photo) so I want to check in the cold snap killed them off.

SOUR CREAM:  I think I posted in one of the previous posts how disappointed I was in sour cream powder.  I gave it many tries in many different ways but... no.  I can't do it.  Yuck. 

I gave up and today I stopped by the store and picked up a couple items - one of which was a container of fresh sour cream.  Now, with the avocados we were gifted along with some sour cream, long term storage taco 'meat', etc. I'm sure I can throw together some yummy Mexican meals of some sort. 

Maybe 'ok' at first but once opened, it goes off quickly.  I tastes like....  hmm... cucumbers.  Kinda.

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