Let the Baking Begin!

I'm oh-so-late on getting started with my baking and candy making for the holiday's.

Before I went back to work outside the home I would start baking around November 15th and do just one or two things at a time, taking it slow until I got to Christmas. I used to send 2 huge trays of goodies to work with my husband for his 125 employees, and then would do baskets for all the neighbors, the mailman, all three kids teachers, the school bus drivers and 2 trays to take to Christmas Eve with all the extended family.
With my current work schedule, my husbands (retail) schedule (read; never home) and the three kids, I'm dreadfully behind this year. I have 28 things on my 'list' with another 2 that I found in my hometown cookbook last night that I'd like to make as well.

That makes 30 different recipes.

And how many I have done so far?
Peppermint Pinwheels and English Toffee.

But I just returned from the grocery store with all the ingredients I need to make at least 28 things.

Let the Baking Begin!
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