December 10, 2006

On a Whim Soup

The other night I was in the mood for soup and homemade bread. I admit that I don't (ever) truly follow recipes, but use them more as a 'guide' of sorts, and I rarely measure. Still, I'm going to attempt to share this soup recipe with you because it was so yummy and perfect for a cold rainy evening.

I added things 'on a whim' and ended up with a wonderful Spicy Vegetable Cheese Soup... so that is what I'll call it.

Spicy Vegetable Cheese Soup

7-8 cups water with
4-5 chicken bouillon cubes and 3 beef bouillion cubes (or just use chicken broth)


1 chopped onion
3/4 cup grated or finely chopped carrots
2 stalks of diced celery

When tender add;

1/2 c flour mixed smooth with 3/4 c water

Whisk into the liquid and stir until thick over medium high heat. Reduce to medium and add 1 c milk.

1 3/4 c assorted shredded cheese, I used monterey jack with jalapeno, and cheddar.

When heated through and cheese is melted... serve.Print Friendly and PDF