October 03, 2008

Espresso Coffee Drinks Made Your Way

It only took Minnesota winters to make me a 'coffee drinker'. The first year we moved to the Midwest was one of the worst winters for fall snow fall they had had in years. We had 10 foot snow drifts lining our driveway... and couldn't afford a snow thrower! It was shoveled by hand. The pictures bring back a lot of memories that I can smile at now, but at the time, believe me, after living in Los Angeles and Nashville... I wasn't smiling!

Espresso Based Latte' or Mocha

2-4 shots fresh, hot espresso
1-2 T chocolate ice cream topping, Nutella Spread or Caramel Ice Cream topping
1-2 T sugar free or regular syrup flavor (optional) - caramel, vanilla, almond, hazelnut
milk or cream or half and half

Add the chocolate, caramel or other syrup to the hot espresso and stir with a spoon to completely melt the flavor in. Add the syrups to sweeten and top with milk or cream, 1/2 cup to about 3 shots of espresso. More or less to your desired taste.

This is good piping hot or you can add ice and make it an iced coffee. Here in the heartland with extreme temperatures both ways, we do both iced and hot depending on the weather.Print Friendly and PDF