October 31, 2008

Product Review: Sandwich Thins

This is where the inner cooking-geek in me comes out. I just had what was perhaps the best sandwich that I've tasted in a few years and couldn't wait to blog about it. See? This is that inner cooking-geek I told you about!

I used the new Sandwich Thins from George Weston Bakeries which is called Brownberry in my part of the country and Arnolds on the East coast.. and who know what else where you live. But no matter what they are called, I suggest trying them!

First I'd like to preface by telling you that the first sandwich I made with them wasn't for me. Even the second, third, fourth and fifth weren't for me! My daughter had to work at her part time job this week and I made a quick sandwich for her out of a brand new package of these 'rolls'. She actually texted me later that night on her cellphone and said, "THANK YOU FOR THE SANDWICH. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!"

Ok, that was weird. Since when does my teenager thank me for a sandwich or call a basic sandwich 'amazing'?

The next sandwiches I made were mentioned in a post below for my family. I made them grilled chicken sandwiches and used these rolls. Everyone got to 'doctor them up' as they wished. We used lettuce, onions, mayo and one wanted some ranch dressing... I think one child may have used ketchup too. Again, they said they were amazing!

That word again.

I've been on the run and too busy to sit down and eat one yet but today was the day. My sandwich was simple.

Deli Turkey
Whole leaf lettuce
sliced fresh tomatoes
a smear of mayo
a thick slice of Vidalia onion

on a whole wheat Sandwich Thin bun or 'roll'.

It was...... amazing!

Here are some stats;

Arnold Select 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins - 8 pack: These unique sandwich-sized flatbreads are perfect for making your favorite burgers and sandwiches a bit healthier. Available in select markets.
This product is:

Low Cholesterol

Excellent Source of Fiber

Low Fat

0g Trans Fat

100% Whole Wheat

Made with Whole Grains

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

My personal opinion is that for a whole wheat roll it was so incredibly soft and not dry at all. I've never had a wheat bun that much like a 'white' bun. However the texture is incredible. They must have some brilliant people working behind the scenes to come up with their recipes because it was just the right texture to hold all the sandwich ingredients in place, be sturdy enough to handle, soft enough to bite, thick enough to soak up any juices and yet perfect enough not to get soggy.

And they managed this!

Thumbs up. Two thumbs up. And two toes too!Print Friendly and PDF