October 28, 2008

Homemade Almond Paste

While I admit I love almonds, almond extract, almond paste and well, everything that has to do with almonds obviously (!) I don't regularly buy them. They are just too expensive. I love to use almond paste in my baking as I've made my own delicious chocolate almond cake using it and of course many pastries, candies and more. The problem is that for a very, very small package or can, you will pay $5 right now. Ouch.

So I found this recipe for a homemade version. It will take a pound of blanched almonds but if you can buy them in bulk at a membership club or the bulk foods section of your local grocer, it really will be cheaper than buying a tiny little 4 oz. container for $5. This particular recipe will make about 2 pounds of almond paste.

Homemade Almond Paste

1 lb Blanched almonds
3 tb Fresh lemon juice
1 c Water
2 c Sugar

Force blanched almonds through fine blade of food
chopper 4 times, or whirl in electric blender.

Add lemon juice.

Cook water and sugar until candy thermometer
registers 240F or until it forms the soft ball stage.

Add to ground almonds. Mix well.

When cool enough to handle, knead until smooth.


Pack in jar; cover, and store in refrigerator
for at least 1 week to ripen.Print Friendly and PDF