Possible Contaminants in Salmon from Chile

Just a heads up for my readers regarding Salmon they may have in their freezer or refrigerator or may have on their list to purchase! My family loves grilled salmon and the last two or three times I've purchased it I noticed it came from Chile. Tonight while surfing the news I came upon an AP news article that says in part;

Earlier this month, a German consumer protection agency detected antifungal and antiparasitic chemicals that are banned in Europe and the U.S. in samples of Chilean salmon. Environmentalists are also concerned about the use of antibiotics to keep penned-in fish from getting sick.

I know I won't be purchasing salmon for my children until I find out more about this (since I looked in depth to the catfish farming in China last Spring and got more informed than I perhaps wanted to be!). Just a heads up that it's being looked into.Print Friendly and PDF