October 25, 2008

Pickled Pumpkin

200 years worth of Shaker recipes. That is what I've been holding in my hand this morning. It's enough to make an avid cook swoon! Now readers, you know I love 'old fashioned' recipes. The kind of recipes the Mennonites and Amish (and Shakers!) write; no amounts. No precise directions. This recipe actually does give amounts, but it's written in the paragraph form that a friend would scribble down to a friend when passing a recipe along.

I'll write it out the traditional way to make it easier to read. I know you all have leftover pumpkins this month so here is a brand new idea to try. Well, new to you perhaps but I suspect that your Great, Great Grandmother may have made it!

12 cups peeled and 1" cubed yellow pumpkin
10 cups sugar
2 c white vinegar
a spice bag with 2 T whole cloves, 6 sticks cinnamon

Cover the pumpkin with sugar. Let sit overnight. In the morning add the vinegar and the spice bag. Bring all to a boil. Cook until pumpkin is clear and syrup is thick. Discard the spice bag. Pack pumpkin in sterilized pint jars. Pour the hot liquid over and seal. Makes 6 pints.Print Friendly and PDF