Consider Thyme

I've found myself outside staring at my garden and envisioning just what I want to plant this year and how to lay it out. (I can do this because I live in the frigid Midwest and we are just now starting to warm up around here... I know that my Texas friends have enjoyed 80 degree weather since March! LOL - but my Canadian friend just got snow yesterday... so it's all relative!)

Consider planting a couple herbs. Why? Well... have you priced fresh herbs in the store lately!? I've blogged previously about planting basil but today I want to introduce you to thyme. The first photo is a bunch of thyme from my garden last Fall. While I used it fresh all summer, when the Fall and cooler weather came, I simply clipped some, bound it together and let it dry. Once dry I put in a baggy in the cupboard and have been able to enjoy it all winter.

What can you use it in? Chicken for one! It's magical with chicken! But also in salads and on fish too. Here is a quick photo I snapped earlier this week when I made a roasted chicken with rosemary and olive oil seasoned potatoes. You can see the whole sprigs of thyme I simply placed on top of the chicken before roasting and then when it was done I removed them to serve the meal. The aroma that filled our home that evening was simply divine.

Sprigs of thyme and minced fresh garlic on the chicken before baking

It was heavenly!

For literally mere pennies you can have all the fresh thyme you desire and more! Buy one package of seeds and you have a thyme garden that will last you years as your thyme will come back year after year.Print Friendly and PDF