May 29, 2008

Make White Flour Healthier!

Sometimes when I'm going about my daily chores and work it suddenly hits me that "this is something I should blog about!" and this is another one of them!

I keep a container of flour in my cupboard just above my KitchenAid mixer and the counter where I do most of my mixing and baking. In this container of 'flour' I typically use an unbleached all purpose flour or a bread flour mixed with a mixture of other flours or grains, based on what I have on hand.

Typically it's about a cup of wheat bran, a cup or two of whole wheat flour, sometimes soy flour and or blended oatmeal. I fill the rest of the container with unbleached all purpose or bread flour and use a whisk to blend it well.

I use this mixture in everything from pizza dough to cinnamon rolls, homemade bread and buns to cookies. I never have to change the recipe amounts or bake time because it seems with the white flour base it turns out fine! The only difference is the addition of the fiber and nutrients of the whole grains and the color of the bread and doughs are a more earthy wheat 'white' instead of a stark white.

Try it! I think you'll agree it's an easy way to be just a bit healthier without sacrificing any flavor or putting more work into your day.Print Friendly and PDF