May 06, 2008

Hamburger Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

When I was a child, some of my favorite foods actually came from; SCHOOL! Yes, it's true I was blessed! I went to a Catholic school with an older woman who had been cook there since Jesus walked the Earth and boy could she cook! This was in the early 80's when the government didn't have a tight fist over what could/should be served in the schools and I am ever so thankful because we had school lunches that were known for miles around. All the other kids in other schools were jealous.

One of my favorite comfort foods that they would make about once a month (and I would gobble it up and go back for seconds...) was Hamburger Gravy over hot mashed potatoes. Yum! It's something my family never had at home and actually had forgotten about until I was surfing the internet and came across this one. I couldn't wait to add it to my collection!

Hamburger Gravy

1 lb ground beef
1 can beef broth divided
1 onion chopped
2 T dried parsley
1 T dried basil
1 t garlic salt
1 t Lawry's seasoned salt
pepper to taste
2 T Cornstarch
Hot mashed potatoes

In a large skillet, cook beef and drain. Add 1 1/2 cups beef broth, onion, parsley, basil, garlic, seasoning salt and pepper. Pour in beef and simmer uncovered till onions are tender about 10 minutes. In a small bowl mix cornstarch and remaining broth till smooth. Stir into beef mixture. Bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thick. Serve over mashed potatoesPrint Friendly and PDF