More Hints and Helps; from waterproofing a headscarf to removing scuff marks!

To water-proof a head scarf or any other fabric or material that can be ironed, simply iron them with a good quality of wax paper as a "press cloth". When clothes are laundered, the wax washes out and you can waterproof them again in the same way.

To slice fresh bread, hold knife under very hot water until it is hot. A hot blade will cut the freshest bread into perfectly smooth slices.

To remove the black marks caused by non rubber heals, apply a little squirt of white toothpaste with a soft cloth. Remove toothpaste with a damp cloth.

Another way to remove a black scuff mark from a floor other material is to use a dry papertowel and rub the area (do not dampen it!) or use the 'magic eraser' that hit the markets a few years ago. They both take scuff marks right off.

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