June 17, 2008

Beer Butt Chicken (Beer Can Chicken)

Yesterday we talked about that awfully named recipe; Beer Butt Chicken and today I'm bringing you photos of it. I admit, they're ugly! Nothing like a naked chicken with a can of beer up its backside to scream out "Yum! Dinner!" but believe me, it looked 100% better once it was lifted off the can and out of the roasting pan and laid down on a platter to serve. And it tasted 200% better.

The naked chicken in all its glory
with onion and lime stuffed inside
and lime juice, lemon juice and minced garlic
inside and outside
with just a sprinkle of lemon pepper outside

After a little too much time in the sun... err, the oven (!)
here we are. Roasted and delicious.


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