Easy Amish Candy

In a previous post I mentioned a wonderful tiny little Amish Cookbook my FIL let me borrow during my last visit to his home. It is a tiny little book and falling apart, and sadly (to me) it's not dated but I suspect it's circa 1960's based on when my MIL and FIL were married, when the rest of her cookbooks were received and the date she died of breast cancer. The book is typed on an old typewriter and pages copied with a very simple plastic binder. I can't wait to try these!

This is a quick recipe that was marked simply "CANDY". To give it distinction in my own collection I've called Amish Candy since it came from this little Amish cookbook.

Amish Candy

2 lbs. milk chocolate
1 stick butter
2 c chopped nuts (any kind)
1 - 10 oz. package mini marshmallows

Melt chocolate and butter over low heat, add nuts and marshmallows. Spread in buttered pan. Cool and cut.Print Friendly and PDF