Graham Cracker Jello Bars

I am having the best time reading the Amish Cook Book that I borrowed from my 80 year old FIL. It's an old book, published by a small church in a tiny town in Iowa and the recipes are wonderful because they 'forget' ingredients, they tell you to use a 'lump' of something or just tell you to add the cream, flour, etc. but never tell you an amount.

Clearly these women expect everyone to know 'about how much' flour is needed or milk is needed for their recipes. I just smile and laugh as I read them and yes... I do intend on making about 80% of the recipes in this book. It's my current 'favorite' cookbook of all!

This is one of those recipes that sounds interesting but leaves out an 'amount' and 'ingredient' until you get to the instruction portion. You'll see what I mean.

Graham Cracker Jello Bars

1 pkg. strawberry jello - make to directions

Add: 1 cup fine diced apples

Pour in oblong pan. Sprinkle with nutmeats.


1 cup fine graham crumbs
2 T sugar
2 T butter

Spread over jello.

Scald milk. Add 1 1/2 dozen marshmallows, stir to dissolve. Cool and spread over grahams. Chill. Cut to serve.

*note she doesn't say how much milk! I love it. LOL.Print Friendly and PDF