Cookbooks Everywhere!

This weekend while I was visiting my FIL for his 80th birthday I brought along a stack of my Moms recipe magazines to go through and get some cooking ideas. I was copying them down on index cards when my FIL noticed and told me there was a whole box of my MIL's recipe books in the closet that I was welcome to look through and copy down recipes from.

I found a wonderful little Amish Cook Book that is falling apart and isn't dated but looks to be from the 1960's. There were so many wonderful recipes I asked if I could borrow it to take home to copy some down from. What I'd like to do is try to find a copy of it online so I have my own! When it comes to cookbooks I start my search online. has everything from Amazon books to other household items and electronics but I admit... recipe books are my downfall.Print Friendly and PDF