Triple Layer Chocolate Cake with Edible Glitter Stars

This weekend we traveled 3 hours away to attend a double birthday party. My FIL turned 80 and although I thought my Grandma was 80 as well it ends up she is 81. We had a wonderful get together for them and I made them each a birthday cake. My Grandmothers is posted below (white with gold trim) and my FIL received a Ho Ho cake with edible gold and silver glitter stars forming a staircase of stars (of sorts) falling down the side of the cake.

I don't make many cakes so my decorating skills aren't very sharpened, but I have fun and I love to be creative! I hope you do too! Give it a try.

Chocolate cake layers; I chose 3 and left them whole although you could split each and have a 6 layer cake if you prefer.

Freeze your cakes for easier handling.

Fill the layers with your favorite filling. The recipe I used is in the Ho Ho link above.

I covered it all in a milk chocolate buttercreme icing with a dark chocolate fudge frosting layer drizzled down the sides and then used chocolate jimmies on the top of the cake with edible gold dusting power on the sprinkles.

I rolled out fondant and cut star shapes for the trim. Some of the stars I painted silver, some gold and left some white.

I used a kitchen 'paint' brush that I use only for food products to paint the edible glitter on the fondant. I used vodka with edible food dust as my 'paint'. The alcohol evaporates and you are left with beautiful gold and silver stars.

I didn't have a plan in place when I started this cake. I actually just baked 3 layer cakes and took it from there! I love how it turned out though and so did my FIL.

Get creative! Give it a try.

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