January 02, 2008

'Gift' Cake in Red and Blue

If you read the post below you'll already know that it's 'Birthday' week in our household. Two daughters with birthdays this week, but my oldest was on a cheerleading trip to London, England this week and is returning tonight (on her sisters birthday) so we will be celebrating TWO birthdays tonight!

I understand how painful (LOL) it is to have to share your birthday so I obviously would never make the two girls share a cake! And their personalities are so very different that one cake really wouldn't have been right.

In the past two days I've whipped up two cakes - and tried my hand at decorating with fondant and not just icing. Here is the second cake; a 'gift' in primarly colors of blue and red to tie in with my daughters interest in London, England (their Union Jack flag is in red and blue and white). I was going to do a British Flag on her cake but she had a Union Jack cake last year for her 16th birthday and I wanted something different this year.

I used a box of store bought fondant in primary colors. I used a blue icing base on the bottom layer and a white base of frosting for the top layer. The top layer is 2 - 8 inch square cakes with a thin layer of coconut lime dessert sauce between them. The bottom layer is 1 - 10 inch square cake.

Getting the frosting completely smooth is a task... but then again, I'm an American Housewife, not a pastry chef, it doesn't have to be perfect! Ha ha. Give it a go. I'm sure you'll do fine.

For the 'gift' I cut strips of red and blue from the fontdant and attached them to the cake with a bit of water brushed on the back. I used tiny rolls of red to line the base of the layers and used more strips of blue shaped into ribbon loop shapes like this;

The curly Q's are made by wrapping thin strips around a pencil or chop stick and letting dry overnight if you have the time, although I didn't so mine only dried about 2 hours but I used them anyway. Attach the loops to make a 'bow' using frosting as glue.

Working with fondant is a lot like working with a dry playdoh. Have fun with it and get creative!

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