Summer Sausage Appetizer

Once in a while I'll whip something up here at home on the spur of the moment that I briefly think about putting on the website, but it's too simple, too dorky, too quirky or just so dumb that I decide not to.

Today I needed a quick lunch. I was busy with housework, some freelance writing and a few other things going on and didn't want to take any time to stop and eat but needed something in my stomach that was quick and easy.

I opened the refrigerator and spied a simple package of all beef summer sausage I had picked up at Target (Market Pantry brand) for a quick meat and cheese tray I was going to make a couple weeks ago. I knew I still had an unopened package of multi-grain crackers (also from Target - Archer Farms brand) and on a whim grabbed the Kraft Horseradish sauce but decided to forgo any cheese that would have naturally or usually accompanied it.

The first thing that struck me was how perfectly the round summer sausage fit to the round cracker. Picture perfect in size. I added a dollup of horseradish sauce and then for garnish sprinkled a bit of dill weed on top. It was so simple, yet looked attractive and mmmm, so good! I ate about 8 of them and then grabbed a bottle of water and got back to work.

I wasn't going to post the 'recipe' on the blog because really, if it's only 3 or 4 ingredients does it really make it a 'recipe'? LOL. But it was just so yummy I decided to anyway. Of COURSE you can use other name brand products... I'm only putting the name brands because I know for a fact they fit perfectly together.

Simple Summer Sausage Appetizers

1 package round multigrain Archer Farms crackers from Target
1 lb. package Market Pantry (from Target) all beef Summer Sausage
1 bottle kraft horseradish sauce (it's a mixture, not pure horseradish!)
dried dill weed

Place the crackers on a serving platter. Top with a single slice of summer sausage, cut thin. Using the condiment bottle or transferring the horseradish sauce to a bag with a decorators tip for a more elegant presentation, dollop about a teaspoon of horseradish sauce on top. Sprinkle with a tiny bit of dried dill for garnish.


To serve to a large group that I'm not sure love horseradish I would use a mixture of softened cream cheese (about 4 oz.) seasoned with a tablespoon of the Kraft horseradish sauce and use that on top so it's more group friendly for a wide range of palates.Print Friendly and PDF