My Latest Purchase... Hamilton Beach Brew Station

This past week my Mr. Coffee started leaking (again) all over the counter. He leaked previously but I made sure all hoses were tight and helped him limp along for a bit longer. This week the puddles are large and I had to admit it may be time to invest in a new coffee maker.

After literally hours on the internet searching, looking, reading and checking ratings and reviews I finally had a list of my top 3 choices - all under $80 as that was my tippy top budget (even with shipping and handling added in).

In the end I chose the Hamilton Beach 47454 Deluxe 4 Brew Modes Auto Shut-Off Station Programmable coffee maker.

Product Description
Hamilton Beach 12-cup Deluxe Brewstation Dispensing Coffeemaker - brews coffee into a thermal tank , and dispenses a cup at a time . 4 Brew cycles- normal , flavor plus, 1-4 cups, decaf. Large digital clock with Back light. Stainless accent. Gentle no scorch heater.

I chose it for the large 12 cup capacity, the internal heating element (to avoid the burnt and bitter taste heating elements give glass carafes after an hour) and that the opening to fill the cup will accommodate a travel mug as my husband frequently only has time to come downstairs in the morning to fill his travel mug and head to work. I have grown so accustomed to the programmable brewing that it was a 'must have' to have hot fresh coffee waiting for me in the morning and the automatic shut off is a must as well so I don't have burnt coffee when I get too busy to make it back to the kitchen in the late mornings.

It is currently on order and should be delivered this week. A full review will be in store in the near future!

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