100% Food Storage 2024: Homemade Pizza - under 40 minutes

Last grocery trip was November 2023, today is February 8, 2024.

It was late afternoon, super busy, The Littles underfoot and no plans yet for what I was going to make for dinner.
My 'daily bread' to the rescue!  

"My Daily Bread" is the bucket I keep in the refrigerator that I've placed 3 cups flour, 1-2 t sugar, 1/2 - 1 t yeast, 1 t salt and 1 1/2 - 2 c hot water.  I use this every day to make a new loaf of bread (or rolls, pizza, etc.)  As I pull it out each day to use it for bread or whatever, I immediately replace it with more, mix and put it back in the fridge.

I pulled out the dough, and grabbed a pan. 
Swirled a bit of olive oil from the pantry, and plopped about 3/4 of the daily bread dough into the pan. 
Using my fingers to poke and press, flattened it out with dimples to cover the bottom of the pan. 
Added some pizza sauce (homemade from the freezer, made from food storage items a week or two ago) and then topped with pepperoni slices from the freezer (when that is gone, will switch to the pepperoni bites I have in long term storage in a #10 can) and lastly, mozzarella.  I still have some in the deep freezer, but again, when gone, will switch to freeze dried mozzarella or make homemade from whole milk powder.

Oven was preheating to 425 degrees while I got out the bucket from the fridge, and pressed and poked the dough into the pan and then made the pizza.  Baked about 25-ish minutes at 425 or until golden brown. 

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