Augason Farms Vegetarian Chicken Substitute


Regular readers know the first cans I brought out to use up over the past 2 months were the oldest (so I can rotate them out).  They were bought back in the early spring of 2012.  
At the time, being brand new to buying long term foods and not knowing anything about what I needed or where to start, (and being on a super tight, non-existent budget), my first purchase was a 'kit' of fake meats.  

Vegetarian beef, chicken, taco meat and ham (or was it bacon bits?) was my first kit purchase, and had no idea at the time what it even really was, I was just feeling like I really, really wanted to start somewhere and it was the cheapest kit I saw. 

Thankfully that was the only kit of imitation meats I bought... after that I had to buy very very slowly, often one can at a time, but I started to only buy the real meat and chicken for long term storage.  

Here are the 'faux' freeze dried chicken pieces in chicken broth, starting to simmer and re-hydrate.
A few minutes later they are plumping up.  They don't really taste like chicken.  They taste good, and are pleasant tasting, but in order to give them more of a chicken flavor I would always rehydrate in broth and not water if and when possible.

At this point use them in whatever 'chicken' dish you were making; casseroles, chicken tacos, chicken chili, soups, etc.






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