100% Food Storage and Freezer - Burgers!

Last grocery shopping trip was for Christmas baking ingredients in November 2023.  Today is February 15, 2024.

Just grilled burgers tonight for dinner - courtesy of the deep freezer. Not store bought though - regular readers know I grind my own beef.  So, last spring and summer, roasts were bought (Costco and Sam's).  I then grind them myself into ground beef and package them in food sealed bags, weighed, and write with a Sharpie on the package how much is in it, for future meals.

I also came up with this cheeseburger/hamburger spice mix about 20 years ago and we've used it ever since.  When it runs out we just fill up the container again.  The container is an old spice bottle with the 'recipe' wrote on a piece of paper and clear packing tape around it. 

The food sealed bags of ground beef look like this, straight out of the freezer. 

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