The old 1942 Victory Garden Plan released to help families put food on their tables during the war

In 1942 the Illinois State Council of Defense released a plan of recommendation to families to plant a 'victory garden' to support food for their families during the war and the shortages.  (You also may want to plant your own foods because of food safety... just sayin'.)

It was met with such success, the Illinois Victory Gardens program's "Food For Victory" was recommended to the United States Department of Agriculture by the Men's Garden Clubs of America as a model plan for the other 47 states to follow.  It was voted the most efficiently organized plan in the nation.

I have had a copy of this plan in my files for years, but with gardening on the brain of pretty much everyone, I thought I'd put it on my site.  I have some personal thoughts about it - as many of these items are not things I nor my family would eat and a couple, I've never cooked with before (endive and Swiss chard) and I've only made rutabaga once in my life. 

For me, I'd replace some of those items I mentioned with potatoes (not sure why they didn't have potatoes on the plan) and more bush beans! 






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